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Blastocyst Biopsy and Tubing

Date: 23-24/11/2024

The course provides a one-to-one, hands-on training. Experts with long experience in the field of Preimplantation Genetic Testing will teach you the theory and practice of trophectoderm biopsy and tubing technique and share important tips and tricks which will help you excel your skills.

This course aims to provide intense and in-depth training options to

  1. Young scientist who wish to be introduced in hands-on practical experience on ART techniques practiced in modern ART labs
  2. Practicing junior embryologists technicians and andrologists who would like to improve their skills and understanding in the latest ART techniques
  3. ART scientists who are interested in updating their practical skills in the latest ART techniques and practices.

Course Information

Groups of up to 5 participants for each course and many hands-on sessions ensure maximum interaction and learning experience!

For each course

experts with long experience in the field of ART, will guide the participants through the fundamentals of each technique, demonstrate and teach each technique while sharing important tips and tricks!

What's included

  • A certification of attendance

  • 3 Coffee breaks

  • 1 Dinner

  • 1 Lunch break

Post Course benefits

  • Free Embryolab Academy membership (see membership benefits*)

  • A 10% registration fee Discount for all the Embryolab academy events

Cost per Participant

800 EUR

Course Programm

Day 1

Saturday, 23 November 2024

Welcome to Embryolab Academy
Setting up a successful PGT Program
Assisted Hatching for a Blastocyst biopsy: When, How & Where?
Important aspects of the biopsy technique: Tips and Tricks
Coffee Break
The important aspects of the tubing technique.
Vitrification & PGT
How do you ensure a safe and optimized PGT program in your lab?
Different Real Case Scenario presentation and open discussion.
Day’s Overview

Day 2

Sunday, 24 November 2024

9:00-16:00: An intense hands-on session under the guidance of our Biopsy-experts
Video Presentation on Preparing and Performing an Embryo Biopsy
Preparation of biopsy dishes and media
Setting up for the biopsy procedure
Blastocyst Biopsy-Part I
The Tubing Technique – Part I
12:00-13:00: Lunch Break
Blastocyst Biopsy-Part II
The Tubing Technique – Part II
Q&A and the course’s overview
Certificates and Group Photo
People working on laptops

Level This 2-day intense hands-on training course was designed to introduce junior scientists and technicians into the theoretical and practical aspects of Blastocyst Biopsy and Tubing.

Course's goals • Prepare the setting for vitrification • Prepare the setting for embryo/blastocyst biopsy • Select embryos for biopsy • Perform Biopsy • Perform the tubing technique

Training material • Mouse embryos & Blastocysts • Training Videos